Clarification on State of Emergency

On September 18, 2019, the Village of Pawling declared an emergency due to a watermain failure on Charles St. The failure is a blockage in the old 4 inch galvanized main which has reduced pressure on Charles St. forcing two services to be connected with hoses. Occupants of the buildings served by the hoses have been asked not to consider the water supplied through the hoses potable and those occupants are using bottled water for drinking and cooking. 

The Dutchess County Health was notified and determined that Pawling’s Public Water Supply would be protected by installing double check valves between the fire hydrants and the hoses connecting the two buildings. All other users of the Pawling Water Supply System are receiving the treated water wihich is safe to use.

The Emergency Declaration applies to the two buildings on Charles Street and was issued to support a funding application to the New York State Department of Health for emergency financial assistance.