Planning Board

The Village Planning Board is appointed by the Trustees of the Village to guide development in the Village. The Planning Board regulates the height, bulk and location of buildings and open spaces. They also regulate the location of commercial structures and the uses for those commercial structures.

The goal of the Planning Board is to secure, promote and maintain public welfare.  The Board strives to ensures that new developments maintain adequate light and access, and that they preserve the character of the Village and its districts. The Planning Board meets once each month and meetings are open to the public.

All material presented to the Planning Board is on file at Village Hall.  Please contact the Planning Board Secretary at: for more information.


Click the link below to hear the October 12, 2021 Planning Board Meeting Recording:


Planning Board Members

Steve Goldberg, Chairman
Lou Musella, Board Member
Robert Pfister, Board Member
Adam Muroski, Board Member
Peter Pennelle, Board Member

Vivian Nikolatos, Planning Board Secretary

Monday – Friday 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Office:  845-855-1122 ext. 15
Fax:  845-855-9317


 Village of Pawling Application Instructions and Procedures
Planning Board Application revised 5-29-20
Required Site Plan Signature Block for Planning Board Applications
Village of Pawling Planning Board Fee Schedule